STATEMENT: "I'm the Chief Architect at Helcorp Interactive where my main responsibilities include the development of a machine learning system that integrates models of consciousness, self-awareness, sentience, and sapience to execute thought and planning exercises."



    Brian Helfrich has more than 25 years of experience in computer technology research and development. He's currently Chief Architect at Helcorp Interactive, a company in Seattle developing a machine learning system. Prior to Helcorp, he worked at Amazon as a Software Development Manager in the Amazon Android Appstore where he managed the development and operations of services in support of the Kindle Fire and Android mobile devices. Prior to the Appstore, he managed the development of Amazon's EC2 Spot Instances, a spot market for selling cloud computing resources. Before landing at Amazon, he served in multiple technology leadership roles in high-tech startup and R&D companies in a variety of industries including machine learning, gaming, mobile, cloud computing, search, social media, computational nanotechnology, speech recognition, and marketing. Brian started his career at Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore Labs) where he was a Research Scientist working on automated speech recognition applications, visualization of complex systems, and new business development. Brian holds a BA degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He has seven patents, including the patent for the pricing algorithm used in Amazon's EC2 Spot Market.

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Seattle, WA



Chief Architect - HELCORP INTERACTIVE, Seattle, WA (1/14 - present)

Software Development Manager - AMAZON, Seattle, WA (4/12 - 11/13) Software Development Engineer - AMAZON, Seattle, WA (11/10 - 4/12) Senior Software Engineer - KNOWMORE, New York, NY (1/10 - 9/10) Senior Engineer - BOLIVEN (acquired by CAMBRIDGE IP), New York, NY (7/08 - 1/10) Senior Architect and Software Engineer - NANOREX, Bloomfield Hills, MI (6/06 - 6/08) Chief Architect - NANO-HIVE (acquired by NANOREX), New York, NY (6/01 - 6/06) Consultant - OPRISK ADVISORY, Stamford, CT (10/04 - 6/06) Senior Software Engineer - TELELOGUE (acquired by NUANCE), Iselin, NJ (6/01 - 7/02) Director of Product Development - ASPEN MARKETING, New York, NY (8/00 - 6/01) Research Scientist - TELCORDIA (formerly BELLCORE LABS), Morristown, NJ (6/99 - 8/00) Software Engineer - RUBRIC (acquired by KANA), San Mateo, CA (3/97 - 5/99) Software Engineer - INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTS, Berkeley, CA (9/97 - 9/98) QA/Software Engineer - INTERNET PROFILES, San Francisco, CA (6/95 - 3/97)



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